Today I am going to cover the basics of how mobile home real estate investing works. There are actually 5 strategies you can use, and I touch briefly on each of those 5 in this video.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and in today’s video we’re going to talk about how mobile home real estate investing works. So there’s actually five things that you can do and mobile homes you can wholesale them. Wholesaling is where you actually find a mobile home, a negotiated cheaper price for that home, and then you actually sell it for a higher price to another person that’s wholesaling, no cash and no credit is exchange. The other one is fixing and flipping. That’s where you find a mobile home that you want to Rehab and then you fix it and flip it and you sell it either for cash or you also can sell it as a rental. The next one is rentals. Now I’m actually going to debunk a claim here and this is probably going to be very, very controversial, but I do not do rentals.  They are the  kiss of death in the mobile home space. You always, always want to own or finance. You get a better return on your money and way less work goes into it. And who wants to deal with tenants, termites, toilets. And trash. Anyway, the next one is owner financing and that’s where you get to be the bank and the best job of all is being the bank. That’s where you get to sit back and collect the check. Why? Because you’re just the lien holder. They own the mobile home. If they don’t change that air conditioning filter and the AC goes out, you’re not paying for it. They’re paying for it and that’s the best thing ever. And the final one is actually owning mobile home parks. This is an advanced strategy that you can use, but eventually you can acquire mobile home parks and actually own a part of boxes that spit out cash. And I hope this video helps you on how mobile home real estate investing will work for you.

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