For the ABC’s of real estate investing I want to focus on three main topics: Appreciation, Bargains, and Cash Flow. In this video I will be breaking each one of those down and sharing why I feel they are so important.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, best selling author and mobile home millionaire, and in today’s segment we’re going to talk about the abcs of real estate investing. I’m going to break down each one of those A, B, and C for you as my top favorite. The first one is “A” for appreciation. Appreciation means that you have a property that actually increases in value. This is one of those things that most real estate investors look for whenever they’re investing in real estate. They want to make sure that their asset is going to actually increase in value over time. It is really important. For “B” we’ve got bargains. It’s my favorite one. I love hunting for bargains and if you’re great at communication and you’re great at networking and you’re great at actually making relationships, then you’re able to find a lot of bargains. Remember that bargain really means finding your motivated seller, making sure that you can solve their problems and create a win win situation for everybody. We’ll give you tons of bargains that will fall into your lap and soon you’ll have more deals than what you’ll know what to do with. And finally we’ve got “C” for cash flow, which is one of your buckets of money. This is really important. Have you ever heard of real estate investor? Say they’re asset rich and cash for cashflow poor? Well, this is why because most of their properties appreciate and value meaning that all the value in money is tied up in the property and they don’t really have the cashflow coming in that they need. So having investments like mobile homes like land and like self storage, which are all in recession proof assets actually help with your cashflow needs and you can actually now begin to make your money work for you and not have to trade time for dollars anymore. I hoped you liked this video about the abcs or real estate investing and I can’t wait to help you become a cash creator.

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